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Author Topic: [Marketplace Rules] - Domains  (Read 2388 times)

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[Marketplace Rules] - Domains
« on: June 26, 2012, 12:04:47 AM »
Rules for Selling:

1. Don't sell/trade accounts from eMail ISP's like Yahoo, GMX, Hotmail or anything of that type.
2. In NO case are you allowed to sell hacked Credit Cards, Bank Logins, PayPal accounts or anything of that type.
3. Don't sell anything thats already been posted here on the forum.
4. Don't re-sell or trade or give away items that you bought/traded from other members of without permission.
5. Don't "BUMP" topics. If someone needs 'it' they will post or PM you.
6. You have to provide a proof of ownership if you sell a website with domain.
7. You have to use [Sell] Prefix in your threads.

Rules for Buying:

If you have been scammed:
You will have to prove it first. Then we will deal with the situation.
1. Prove that you have been scammed:
a) Make screenshots of msn/yahoo/chatlogs/PM when talking about the deal.
b) After you have it, contact an administrator of the Staff.
2. Don't try to frameup. You will receive a lifetime ban.
3. You have to use [Buy] Prefix in your threads.

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