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Author Topic: How do you get an offline prospect to get online to sign up for email list?  (Read 878 times)

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Getting your prospect to sign up for an email service is the ideal way to stay in contact with them so you can talk about your products or services until they agree to make a purchase.  And, an email service will even help with post purchase follow up, ensuring the customer has adequate product support and is happy with their purchase.

To get your offline customer to go online you will need to make it easy to opt in.  Offer a free useful mobile app to your offline customers, encouraging them to download and interact with the app.  The type of app will depend on your niche or business.

Include an offer for a discount or coupon for customers who opt into your email list or like your Facebook page. 

Mention a cool free resource list that would benefit your offline prospect.

For instance, with a new mom's mailing list, you might assemble a list of free local activities for toddlers and babies, such as free baby gyms; local parks; seasonal activities; free birthday treats from local restaurants, etc.  Tailor this list to your own business product or service and be sure it matches your audience needs.